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Stone Broke - By Aubree Faulkner

We're excited to have our Production Assistant, Aubree, share her story about how she started her own t-shirt line, and landed a job along the way!

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As the whole state of Michigan closed, and schools went virtual, Portland High School created an assignment called the Capstone Project. Out of this assignment, came Stone Broke Merchandise.

Stone Broke -
because I was under 16 and wasn’t able to drive to a job to get money.
Stone Broke -
because I was always in a sport and not able to find free time to get a job.

Getting started with Fabricated Customs was very smooth and comfortable. I knew I wanted to use Fabricated Customs to print my t-shirts and sweatshirts because of how soft and durable their standard Ts feel and hold up. I first emailed them for what I was looking for, and within 24 hours I received a response and follow up questions to get my project started. 

I had a design already created before bringing my project to Fabricated Customs. I used an app online and my mom was able to turn it into a vector file. FC was very flexible and straightforward about the costs. They set me up with a link for a super simple ordering process. You do not have to set up a website or do any hard work, they do it for you. They made this process very painless. 

Stone Broke by Aubree Faulkner - Printed by Fabricated Customs

Stone Broke by Aubree Faulkner - Printed by Fabricated Customs

Once my pre-order was done, I was able to help print and package the orders for Stone Broke, which helped me learn the processes at FC. Starting with how the merchandise is ordered, creating and developing the screen, and laying down the ink. Packaging the product was a learning process too, and the sweatshirts were a bit of a challenge fitting in the shipping bags. As I was learning the process, the employees of FC were easy to talk to and fun to be around.

Stone Broke by Aubree Faulkner - Printed by Fabricated Customs

I have done two rounds of ordering as my friends and family either forgot to place their order, or showed others how soft and amazing the Ts and sweatshirts are, and they wanted one too!

Stone Broke by Aubree Faulkner - Printed by Fabricated Customs

Stone Broke by Aubree Faulkner - Printed by Fabricated Customs

I was in constant contact with Fabricated during the whole process, so I thought why not ask if they needed some part-time help, worst they could say is “no”. Thought I would impress them with my resume that I brought in when I helped with my first order. Turns out, I was a good fit!

-Aubree Faulkner

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We're glad Aubree is a part of our team and can't wait to see how her role changes and grows while she is here. The next time you're in, give her a shout, she's a great help and can guide you to some of the softest tees you'll ever wear!

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