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Why Choose Fabricated Customs?

Why Choose Fabricated Customs?

Let’s face it. There are a TON of custom apparel companies out there. Of course there are some that do amazing work but many are mediocre (and that’s putting it nicely). So, if I’m in your shoes, I would want to know why I should choose one over the other. More specifically, what does Fabricated Customs offer that some of these other customer apparel companies don’t. Well, let’s break that down a bit.

1.) Quality of your final printed product. Screen-printing is a tricky craft. There are dozens of factors that come into play when it comes to quality and print technique, but let’s focus on the obvious ones.

The apparel. We only recommend our customers to use high-quality apparel. There are lots of awesome brands (Next Level, Bella+Canvas, American Apparel, Independent…) and the price-points really aren’t that crazy different from the lower quality products. Also, we know that most people prefer wearing a poly-blend or tri-blend t-shirt. Let us help guide you on what your customers, friends and family will want to wear.

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The ink. We’ve tested out lots of different inks and know which ones feel soft without losing color quality. Just trust us on this one. It’s a big deal.

Fabricated Customs Ink

The print. We print by hand which means every piece of apparel is touched and evaluated at different points in the process. We are also extremely picky about the quality of our screens, registration of colors, and the size/placement of your design.

2.) We simplify the order and billing process. I have often wondered why there were so many added charges to my personal past custom apparel orders. Screen fees, material costs, ink swaps, set-up billing, design rates, etc. It seemed like a lot of headache to track and justify to a customer. While those are all real things behind the scenes, we don’t want our customers to have to mess with that. We have a cloud-based platform that allows us to track all of our orders, artwork, and get your approvals on mock-ups and billing. We keep it simple.

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3.) Custom care. I could spend hours telling you all the reasons why I believe our custom care sets us apart, but that feels weird. I would encourage you to give us a shot, and see for yourself. I’d be lying if I said we were perfect and didn’t make mistakes. We know there are areas we will continue to learn in and improve on, but I am confident in our team’s ability to care for our customers.

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You are the reason that we to get to do what we love every day. It would be a shame if we didn’t value that.

This is just the quick run-down on why I believe Fabricated Custom’s is doing something special. There are tons of other areas we can talk more about in other blogs. If you have any experiences (good or bad) working with custom apparel providers, we’d love to hear it. Give us a call or shoot us an email.


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