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Why Do An Online Pre-Order?

Why Do An Online Pre-Order?

You know that pile of shirts that wasn't paid for or claimed when you were selling them for your fundraiser, team apparel, or company outing? Well, kiss that pile of unclaimed tees GOODBYE

Stacks of Shirts for Fabricated Customs. Custom Screen Printing in Portland, Michigan

Online pre-orders are a great way to get your customers, clients, team, or group the custom apparel they need without having to put money down or hold onto t-shirts. All you need to do is confirm the design (which we can help you create for free if you don't have one), the color and style of shirts, and when you want the pre-order to run, and that's it!

 Detroit Frankies Online Pre-Order by Fabricated Customs

Detroit Frankies Online Pre-Order by Fabricated Customs

Detroit Frankies Online Pre-Order by Fabricated Customs

You can even create your online order into a fundraiser! How, you may ask? Once we determine all of the information above, you will get the base cost of your apparel. You can keep it at this price or can increase the price and keep the difference! It's that simple. Once your pre-order has ended, and we start shipping orders to your customers, you will also receive a check in the mail for the funds you raised!

Online Tshirt Fundraisers Made Easy by Fabricated Customs

Did we mention that we handle all of the inventory tracking and distribution to your team, customers, supporters, etc.!? That's right, once you've given the OK on when to launch your site, we do the rest! 

So what are you waiting for? Get your pre-order started today and experience how easy it is to get custom apparel!

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