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Do You Need Post Production?

Do You Need Post Production?

Post Production? What is "Post Production" for t-shirts?

Glad you asked! Post Production for custom apparel can be a lot of things.

1. Folding

Need your shirts folded for a specific reason? We can help with that! When we send out orders, your shirts are neatly stacked by size, but we can fold each individual shirt for you if needed. 

Fabricated Customs - Post Production Folding for Amazon Sellers

2. Heat Pressed Names and/or Numbers

Did you know we can heat press names and numbers on your shirts, jerseys, hoodies, etc.?! We can! If you would like to add this for a post-print option, just let us know. It's a great way to customize your apparel.

3. Bagging

Are you an Amazon Seller or someone who is interested in individual bagging for your apparel? We have that available for you! We currently work with Amazon Sellers so we know exactly what you need when it comes to bagging your apparel. If you need individual bags for your Etsy Shop, or for your stock room, we have a wide variety of bag options that will meet your needs. 

Fabricated Customs - Post Production Bagging for Amazon Sellers

4. Tagging

Need hang tags attached to your apparel? Selling your custom apparel online or in a shop? We can do that! With different options available, we can recommend a tagging style that will work great with your brand. 

5. Sticker/Form Inserts

Need items inserted in your shipping bags? We can do that too! Just ship or drop off your stickers, thank you cards, instruction letters, etc. to us when you finalize your order and we can include those with your apparel.

6. Shipping

Need your shirts to ship to different locations once printed? No worries! We can coordinate with you to make sure your apparel is sent to the right. We also have online pre-orders and fundraising storefronts that offer individual shipping to each of your customers. No hassle shipping is the way to go! 

7. Don't see what you're looking for?

No worries! Our expert team is here and ready to assist you with whatever you need. If its something we don't currently offer, we are always ready to learn a new Post Production skill!

Interested in adding Post Production to your order? Contact us to day and we can walk you through what you need!


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