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FaBREWcated Customs Beer Release

FaBREWcated Customs Beer Release

We can't thank the Portland community, our family, and friends enough for coming out to our first ever Fabricated Customs event in collaboration with ConfluxCity Brewing Company for the release of FaBREWcated Customs India Pale Lager, a craft beer that they brewed and we designed!
This was such a cool experience for all of us at F.C. and we can't express how grateful we are to Jim and Kiley, owners of ConfluxCity, for their excitement and willingness to work with this crazy crew to create something awesome. 
After the initial pitch idea in early January, a date was set for the end of February for a release event for FaBREWcated. We wanted a beer that would please the masses, but also not compromise on the quality and taste ConfluxCity is known for. It's so cool being able to work with other local businesses to put an idea into motion and execute it just a little over a month later! 
We quickly got to work coming up with an apparel design, while Jim and Kiley started coming up with the brew. We were so excited to hear that FaBREWcated was going to be an India Pale Lager! According to ConfluxCity's website

"FaBREWcated Customs IPL Lager - IPL (India Pale Lager)

5.5% ABV - 63 IBU
Speaking of hops, check out the video below of head brewer, Jim adding the dry hops to FaBREWcated!
It was an eye-opening experience seeing how beer is made from start to finish - it looks simple on paper but in reality is very complex, and helps us realize why we stick to the t-shirt game. 
The next step was to wait. Yup, wait. Good things take time, so while we were waiting, our team came up with a few mockups and designs for the FaBREWcated apparel.
FaBREWcated Customs TeeFaBREWcated Customs Long SleeveFaBREWcated Customs Hoodie
These really comfy pieces of apparel were a lot of fun to create. From choosing the perfect apparel, to our co-owners Simeon and Gabe creating the design, and finally to our Printmaker, Jon getting them printed, it was an awesome project to be a part of. Take a look at Jon, printing a t-shirt in one of our promo-videos for the event. 
Once we had all of the apparel ready, we crafted a giveaway basket to hand out to a very lucky winner at the event!
FaBREWcated giveaway basket
With just a few days until the release, it was time to can the beer! Gabe and I went over to help Kiley and Casey put on the sleek new labels. We each got to try to can our own beer, and let me tell you, it's a lot harder than it looks!
FaBREWcated Cans
Once the canning was done, it was time for the event!
FaBREWcated Customs annoucement
We can not express how awesome it was to see everyone turn out to try FaBREWcated and support us and ConfluxCity! It was a whirlwind, a blur, a night to remember! We were going to get video from the night, but we were so busy chatting and cheers'ing the awesome brew Jim and Kiley created that didn't happen. Oh well!
Simeon, Gabe, and Jon at the FaBREWcated booth
We really do appreciate all of the support from those who came out, bought a beer, a shirt, and hung out with us. It was definitely an awesome way to kick off our first event. We hope to be able to do it again soon!


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