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Where can I print on a t-shirt?

Where can I print on a t-shirt?

Good news! You've already got a great design idea for a t-shirt and are ready to get some custom apparel made. However, where should you get it printed on the shirt? The front, back, sleeve? We are going to walk through the most popular print locations and help you decide which ones to choose.
Custom Tshirt Printing Locations by Fabricated Customs

1. Front or Back 

By far, printing on either the front or back of the shirt is most preferred. There is a lot of print surface area (11" x 11" is most popular) and it's great for larger designs. Have a business that you're looking to promote? Printing on either of these locations is a great option to get your logo in front of people. And if you really want people to notice, consider printing on both the front and back. If you go down this route we recommend having a different design on either side. It will make the shirt more memorable. 
Fabricated Customs State Script Front Placement Hoodie

2. Badge Print

This is a smaller print (typically 4" x 4") and only located on the front. It is usually printed on the left side, but could also be printed on the right depending on your personal preference. We like to have a "teaser" design on the front as there is less space to print on. For example, we have printed the initials of our shop, F.C. on the picture below and our full graphic on the back. It helps tie the design together without having a repetitive design on the back. 
Fabricated Customs FC Badge Print Location T-shirt
Fabricated Customs FC Shirt Back Print Location

3. Sleeve prints

Sleeve Print Location by Fabricated Customs
Naturally this can be on either sleeve and we do not see a trend towards either the left or right. Frequently, t-shirt brands have the American flag on the sleeve although we can print just about anything. Keep in mind that the print area for a sleeve must be less than 3" wide to fit with our equipment. 

4. Yoke tag

Yoke Print by Fabricated Customs - Custom Apparel Printer
If you're like most people, this is the spot you see printed often but you had no idea what it was called. The yoke is the area of a t-shirt just below the collar on the back. We see this most often used when a business has a design printed on the front and their logo or a slogan on the yoke. It's a great way to still include your business logo without having to cram it in your design on the front. 
There you have it! The most common areas for screen printing on a t-shirt. And although these are what we see most often, that doesn't mean we can't print elsewhere on a t-shirt. Just give us a call with the placement you're looking for and we can help. 
Fabricated Customs Emojis
Or get started on your custom pre-order today by using the calculator below! Looking for other apparel? Here's a link to our most popular pieces!
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