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Pre-Order Terms of Use

The information below is laid out to answer any and all questions about our pre-order program. Of course, if you still have questions please reach out. We would love to help!

What is it?

Our pre-order program allows you to have a temporary and easy online store to sell your custom apparel. Our goal for this program is to make selling apparel easy. We will create and host a collection of your products on our website. You will choose how much of a profit to mark up these garments. The items will be for sale during a period of time. During that time, you will be responsible to promote the listings and drive sales for your products. Customers will purchase your products directly from Fabricated Customs. When the pre-order ends, we will print all of the garments, package the orders, and distribute them to the customer. Once all orders are packaged and shipped we will write you a check for your share of the profit. 

What if I don't have a Design?

Having artwork is not a requirement. We will work with you on a design and make sure it is optimized for printing. We'll just need some details from you on what you're looking for. Pictures of other designs that you like work the best. It is also very helpful getting hand drawn artwork from our customers as well. These do not have to be professionally done. In most cases, designs are free. However, if a design is very elaborate and requires extra time you will be asked to pay for the design work. You will not be charged for any design work without first agreeing to the added expense. 

How many Designs do I get?

You can have as many designs as you'd like. However, we recommend that you be very careful not to have too many of them. Each design has a minimum order of 20 units. If you are unable to reach this minimum with your sales during the pre-order you will be responsible to cover the difference. 

How many Garment Styles do I get?

Your first three garment styles per design are free. Any additional garment styles for each design cost an additional $10. This covers the cost of creating the additional web listings and web hosting. Please keep in mind that different garment colors are considered different garment styles. Any additional cost from adding garment styles will be taken from any fundraiser or profit margin after the pre-order has closed. If there is not enough money in the fundraiser or profit we will require payment separately. 

For example, let's say you want to offer a t-shirt in four different colors. The first three colors for the t-shirt would be free and the fourth color would cost $10. If you wanted to also add a hoodie to the pre-order that would cost an additional $10. 

What if I do not meet the minimum order quantity? 

There is a minimum of 20 items per design. This covers the cost of setting up the order for printing. This includes creating screens, separating artwork, setting up orders for production, digitizing If you have included a fundraiser or profit markup on your pre-order we will use that money first to reach the necessary minimums. If there is not enough fundraiser profit to cover the difference you will need to submit payment for the remaining items. 

For example, let's say you have two different designs on your pre-order. For the first design you sell 40 items. You would have met the minimum and therefore no extra charge is incurred. However, for the second design you only sell 18 items. In this case you would be 2 items short of the 20 item minimum. Therefore, you would be required to purchase 2 additional items to reach the minimum. 

Can one design use both printing methods?

We offer two different types of printing methods: Screen Printing and Embroidery. Both of these methods have their own unique setup procedure and costs. Each design has only one setup baked into the 20 garment minimum. Therefore, we are unable to offer both methods for one design. 

How should I promote the sale?

Each pre-order will have a unique web link that you will be provided. You can then use this link to promote your sale on social media and emails. For best results, promote your sale often across many platforms. 

How will the products be distributed to the buyer?

There are a three ways that an order can be distributed to the buyer:

1. Fabricated Customs will ship the order to them. In this case, the customer will have had purchased shipping. 

2. Buyers are allowed to pick up their order from our facility in Portland, MI. 

3. You can collect all orders and distribute them yourself. Please be aware that will be responsible for all garments getting to the customer. 

What if someone forgets to order during the pre-order sales period? 

Once a pre-order has closed we will immediately begin to produce the garments. This includes purchasing the blank garments, finalizing the artwork, creating screens, digitizing artwork, and other steps to ensuring a successful print run. Therefore, we are unable to accept any additional orders after a pre-order has closed as the production process has already begun. We recommend purchasing extra garments that you can use to distribute to any late buyers. 

Should I order extras? 

Yes, you should order extras of each garment style. Inevitably, someone will either miss the pre-order sales window or order the wrong garment. Having extras will allow you to make additional sales and/or provide a replacement garment to a buyer. We do not have the capability of producing or storing extra garments so we then must pass that responsibility on to you. If a buyer reaches out inquiring about needing an additional item we will direct them to you. 

How is my profit calculated? 

Before creating a pre-order you will be informed of the cost for each item. You will then be able to set a price for your garment above the Fabricated Customs cost. For example, let's say a t-shirt cost is $15. You could then markup that item to $20. This would result in a profit of $5 per t-shirt sold. At the end of a pre-order we will run a report showing your fundraiser profit. Please keep in mind that any additional charges that may be incurred (not reaching minimums, adding extra garment styles, etc) will be automatically subtracted from this amount. 

I am looking for a garment style that is not listed. What should I do?  

Not all apparel is equal. Some garments either do not print well or are impossible to print. Therefore, we have selected garments that are proven to print well that people will be happy with. We unfortunately, must limit this offering as to not have a product that does not meet our quality standards. However, we are always open to suggestions of new garments to be added to our list. Just shoot us an email at

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