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How Long Does It Take For My Shirts To Be Printed?

How Long Does It Take For My Shirts To Be Printed?

Not sure how long it takes for t-shirts to get printed? No worries. We've got the answers below:

1. The typical standard turnaround time for shirts to be printed is 2 weeks (10 business days).

That's right, you give us the green light to print your tees and we are off to the races! Sometimes, your apparel can get done sooner, but always plan out for 10 business days if you aren't paying for a rush order.

2. You can pay for a rush order if you need your apparel ASAP.

Need your apparel like yesterday? Give us a shout and we can let you know how quickly we can get your apparel turned around and ready for you. 

Here are some commonly asked questions:

1. Does the 2 weeks include shipping?

Great questions. Simple answer, no. It's does not include shipping. Our turnaround time is the time when mockups are approved, we order your apparel, we print your apparel and get the shipping label created. From there, it's up to the delivery service. If you need your apparel delivered by a certain date, just let us know!

2. How do I get my order?

It's up to you! You can pay for shipping, or you can stop by our shop to pick it up. Pick up is free, and shipping will be determined based on the weight, quantity and need for a rush or not, for your package/s. 

Fabricated Customs Squigees

3. So what you're saying is, the sooner the better?

Exactly! Once you know the shirts you want, the counts you need and have your artwork ready and approved, send it all to us and then we can get your apparel on the press and printed! The sooner you get us the information, the sooner we can get your shirts to you. But don't feel rushed. We always recommend knowing when you need your shirts by, and then working backwards to see what timeframe you are working with. 

Have any questions, or want to get your apparel order submitted? Feel free to contact us. We're ready to get your apparel order started today!


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